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St Thomas' Church, widely known as Pendleton Church, is one of the most prominent and well known in Salford.The original building was consecrated in 1776 and its site is still clearly visible on Brindleheath Road next to the Jewish graveyard.

The present Grade II listed building was consecrated in 1831 and over the years has been well maintained. In 1933 the incumbent, the Reverend E. Fletcher, was instrumental in organising an appeal to raise money for much needed restoration work. He read out a charge to the officers of the church, that:

  1. A former generation built the church, a witness to their faith.
  2. Our generation owes much to its work and influence.
  3. The generation to come will need its presence and help, as we have done.

These words are as telling today as when they were first uttered! We continue to work towards re-ordering the church to secure its place for generations to come and ensure that it is used by a wide range of people.

'At St Thomas' Church we enjoy regular Anglican worship, served by an excellent team of clergy. We are keen to expand the congregation, be involved in the wider community and in local activities. Recent events at the church have ranged from concerts and fairs to a flea market, attracting regular parishioners and new faces.

Many people who have lived in Salford all their lives have said on first visiting St. Thomas' Church that they have found the church remarkably beautiful and sitting in the nave peaceful. Whether or not you are a regular visitor to the church, if you, your family or company admire and cherish its witness and wish to support and sustain its future in Salford, why not become a 'Friend of St Thomas' Church' and give a regular donation to its upkeep.'

Worshipping God, nurturing disciples, loving and serving in Christs name

UK Charities are entitled to a 25% tax reclaim from HMRC on every £1.00 donation by UK taxpayers. When you donate, you need to confirm that you wish for your donation to be treated as Gift Aid and that you are a UK taxpayer. If you pay any tax, this is a valuable additional sum that comes from the Government at no extra cost to you.

If you would like to set up a standing order mandate to maintain a regular relationship with the Friends of St. Thomas', then please pick up a leaflet from St Thomas' and return the donation section of this form to:

Mr A. Allcock, Honorary Treasurer
3 Summerfield Road, Roe Green, Worsley, M28 2JW

Since 1831, St. Thomas' Church has been the focal point of Pendleton. The Parish now serves over 14,000 Salfordians, stretching from Claremont to Charlestown.

As a FRIEND OF ST THOMAS' CHURCH you will be contributing to the future of this important building and helping to safeguard (and, we hope be involved in) the mission work done to strengthen the community served by this iconic place of worship and fellowship on Ford Lane


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❖ A warm welcome on all your visits to St. Thomas'

The groups of people at St. Thomas' Church also need your feedback:

  • What events can we stage that would engage the wider community?
  • How can we bring more people to the church for worship
  • What is the image of St. Thomas' Church in Salford and what should it be?

Let us know! email your suggestions and comments to: