2 - The Wider Christian Faith

The following links are to organisations within the wider Christian Faith.
(Please note that Salford All Saints Team Ministry make no representations whatsoever about third-party websites.)
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Free Christian Clipart (USA based).

Christian Aid                                                 
Working worldwide, helping people regardless of religion or race.

Emmaus - Bolton                                                 
Local charity recycling household goods to help the homeless

Christian ecumenical organisation, based in Flixton.

Presenting the Christian Faith to young people in Manchester.

Find out about Jesus here.

Scripture Union                                               
A non-denominational international Christian movement.

Ship of Fools                                                                    
Christian Humor.

An international ecumenical community, founded in France.

Tear Fund                                                
Supports some of the world’s poorest people

The UK Christian Handbook                      
UK Directory of Christian organisations & services.

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